You're in Good Hands

At Fastax Niagara, we realize that not everyone enjoys doing their taxes as much as we do. We have thousands of satisfied customers who know how hard we strive to ensure that their tax liablity is minimized throughout the year and during tax season. We make sure you don't have to pay anymore tax than is absolutely necessary. We're also there to help guide you through the system. Did you receive a CRA letter that you don't understand? Fear not! We'll be happy to interpret the usual government jargon into laymen's terms that anyone can understand.

Our expertise covers specialized areas such as

  • Seniors' concerns
  • Student affairs
  • Disability issues
  • Home daycares
  • Rental properties
  • Small business

Even if you are a procrastinator, we are available year round to file your return.
​Be advised that your current and prior year returns can be Efiled from mid February to the following mid January.